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The teaching resources here are aimed at specialist and non specialist educators. They model creative approaches and practical activities, using film, photography and simple arts activities that can easily be adapted for the classroom, home and school grounds where pupils may not always be able to visit the site.


Working creatively, quietly or otherwise, opens up space for discussion and debate on local and global natural world and environmental issues.


Each Art & Design activity can be used to enrich other areas of the curriculum. You will find pathways to english, maths, science and design and technology.

Exploring these processes and techniques will support independent thinking and creativity, helping children and young people understand and engage with the natural world around them.

Whether it’s a particular skill, technique, topic or curriculum area, you can use the search bar to find what you need.

You can also submit resources and project examples you have made or found  to share outcomes with other educators. 

Sketchbook Training 300dpi.png

Find out about special places 

Find out more about a selection of sites to study and visit, the practicalities of getting there…

Make a virtual visit 

These short films offer a virtual experience of the Quantocks as seen from an artist’s perspective. You can use these alongside downloadable resources to plan creative activities.

Use our downloadable teaching resources

Linked to the films, we have included simple activity sheets with techniques and equipment lists accessible to all.

Explore Planning Tools Here

Useful apps, templates and tools to support your planning

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