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Re-Imagining the Manor

Since the Middle Ages landownership has centred on a number of large estates and it is largely the historic management choices of these estates - how they designed, used, and managed the land - that has produced in the Quantocks a landscape of such outstanding qualities. This landscape - full of contrast, detail and surprises - is particularly vulnerable to change. …

Over the last century increasing changes in land ownership, agricultural practices, development pressures and leisure/recreation have led to a broadened sense of ownership, whether real or perceived, alongside a gradual decrease in the exceptional qualities of this landscape.

The Quantock landscape is inexorably bound up with this manorial estate history. As some of the old estates start to fragment, and farming practices change, the area needs a new vision of its future. The subtitle of the Scheme is “Reimagining the Manor”. It inspires us to reimagine what this manorial legacy means for us today and to look to the future.

Landscape Conservation Action Plan

The action plan includes more information on Quantock Hills and provides the context for the landscape partnership scheme. Here you will find everything you need to know about the area’s geology, history, land use and ecology.

Download the LCAP here

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