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Learning Outcomes

The education program, entitled 'In the Footsteps of the Romantic Poets' specifically aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the influence of the Quantock Hills landscape on the Romantic movement, especially the poets. The Romantics forever changed how we think about nature to this day.


The resources contain ideas and approaches for deepening connections to the Quantocks through practical art and design activities. They have been designed to enrich core and foundation subjects, prompting cross curricular links, building on key numeracy and literacy skills.


Opportunities are included to explore broad themes with pupils including landscape-change, the interdependence of people and place; creativity and learning; art and landscape.


With an emphasis on the re-engagement and well-being of staff and pupils, ‘In the Footsteps of the Romantic Poets ’ proposes taking young people on a journey exploring romanticism and activism, through artistic interpretations of the landscape, both personal, historic and contemporary. 


Explore the curriculum links below to support your planning.

‘Education and healthcare specialists can have better conversations with young people when working on a creative project alongside each other, engrossed in what they are doing they are able to have a natural conversation'.
Kate Howarth Musgrove Hospital School
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