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About the Project

The Quantock Hills are a nationally protected area with a remarkably rich natural and historic environment.


This education resource provides tools and inspiration for creative engagement in this very special part of Somerset.

While this site was designed for schools some of the activities here are great for home learners too. If you are a parent or carer looking for creative things to do, you might like to try out some of our resources. 


The Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme, supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and other partners, aims to bring communities together, strengthen and conserve the landscape character of this distinctive part of South West England, and help to prepare the Quantocks for the future.

Through research, interpretation and enhancement works, the Landscape Partnership Scheme aims to strengthen and reinstate the farmland fringe and parkland landscape and to create opportunities for local communities to manage and engage with community spaces such as orchards and woodlands. It intends to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the historic role of the large estates in shaping the special character of this landscape.


This resource supports the aims of the Landscape Partnership Scheme. It has been devised by Spaeda – arts education in collaboration with the Landscape Partnership Team and local schools. We are grateful to our artist and school partners for bringing this resource to life.


Personal Understanding of



and Environmental Change

Walking for Recreation, Health & Wellbeing

The Elemental Landscape and its Raw Materials

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