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In the Footsteps of the
Romantic Poets

A shared vision for the Quantock Hills

The Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme was created to address some of the challenges ahead for the landscape of the Quantock Hills and for the communities that surround them. Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and hosted by the Quantock Hills National Landscape, this 5 year, £2.6m programme runs from April 2020. 


At the heart of the Landscape Partnership Scheme are a suite of twenty-three projects. This website has been produced by SPAEDA on behalf of the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme to support one of these projects, 'In the Footsteps of the Romantic Poets', which is where you can find the structured learning for children and young people.

In this beautiful short piece by film maker James Price and curator Tim Martin, Tom Mayberry MBE introduces the Romantic Poets time on the Quantock Hills and the impact they had on how we experience landscape today. 

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